About Portugal

Food and Drink


Portuguese food is one of the most pleasant surprises for tourists visiting our country.
With a vast coastline, seafood plays a major part in Portuguese cuisine. Its quality and variety are guaranteed and the taste of freshly caught grilled fish is beyond compare. Another must  of our cuisine is the “bacalhau”, dried and salted cod from the far-reaches of the Atlantic, prepared in over 1000 different ways. And to round off any meal, one must not miss one of our delicious desserts, prepared according to the ancient recipes of monks and nuns. Portuguese wines are of exceptional quality too.  Port and Madeira wines are already world famous, whilst our table wines are gradually being discovered and praised by gourmets world wide.
So we suggest you raise a glass to celebrate your visit to Portugal while savouring one or two “pastéis de nata”. Because once you’ve tasted one these traditional custard tarts, you’ll be crying out for more.Find out more at  www.taste-portugal.com. Portugal is pleased to be your host!