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Social Security

Public Social Security System is the Portuguese social security system provided by the state and comprises Welfare, Solidarity and Family Support subsystems.

The Instituto de Segurança Social is responsible for providing foreign employees in Portugal with information on their social security rights and obligations and also maintains links with its foreign counterparts for the purposes of coordinating their operational systems. International co-ordination of Social Security instruments.

The public social security system does not cover accidents at work.


Registration is required when you start to work in Portugal. It is necessary to ask for a PSSS number (número de identificação de pessoa singular – NISS) online or at any District Social Security Centres (Centros Distritais da Segurança Social). Employees are entitled to receive benefits only if they are enrolled in the Public Social Security System. Social Security Registration.

Employers are required to notify the social security system when they hire new workers and to enroll them with the social security system, within 24 hours of the start of the contract, by filling an appropriate form via the Internet or by a formal written communication.

Self-employed workers have to register first with the tax authorities which will then inform the competent institution of Social Security (see form).


Employers and employees enrolled in the social security system are required to pay contributions. See rates.

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