Advantage Portugal

Working in Portugal

Work Visa  

EU and European Economic Area nationals do not need work permission. A non-EU/EEA national citizen who wants to work (dependent employment or self – employment) in Portugal should apply for a work visa by filling an application form and submit it to a diplomatic mission or consular office in the country of the applicant´s residence.

Employment Contracts

Portuguese Labour Code requires that fixed-term contracts of employment, contracts of unspecified duration, intermittent, teleworking and part-time contracts (fixed or indefinite) be established in writing.

On June 23rd 2012, the Labour Code has changed. The new law entered into force on August 1st 2012.

The minimum working age for employees is generally 16, if they have completed compulsory schooling. From 18 years of age, any person may be entered into an employment contract even without completing compulsory education.


All workers are guaranteed a minimum monthly income, a national minimum wage, established annually. In 2012 the national minimum wage is EUR 485.00.

Monthly wages (per calendar month) are the most common payment system in Portugal.

Working Time


The normal working period is eight hours per day or 40 hours per week.