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Your Pet

If you are moving your pets to Portugal from a EU country, a EU pet passport is required. To get it you must contact your local veterinarian. Also an electronic microchip will be demanded  to identify your pet and connect it to the corresponding passport.

From overseas countries a Health Certificate issued / endorsed by the Official Veterinary Authority of the country of origin proving:

a)     the animal is identified by an system of electronic identification or a clearly readable tattoo.

b)     a vaccination / revaccination valid rabies, according to the WHO guidelines.

c)     a neutralizing antibody titration at least equal to 0,5 IU / ml carried out in an approved laboratory, on a sample with at least thirty days after the rabies vaccination and three months before being moved.

Non-EU countries must also provide proof of a rabies vaccine in their pets (dogs, cats and ferrets).

For detailed information please contact: Direção-Geral de Alimentação e Veterenirária.