Advantage Portugal

Basic Information

Formal Procedures

If you are a EU national and want to stay in Portugal for less than 3 months, all you need is a valid identity card or passport.

For more information see Registration Procedures under the heading Moving to Portugal.

Reporting your presence

“Union citizens who stay in Portuguese territory for more than three months shall register their presence in the manner which formalizes their right of residence within 30 days of three months elapsing since their entry into national territory”.

The registration referred to in the preceding paragraph is effected with the town council (Câmara Municipal) in their area of residence.

“On registration, Union citizens shall be issued with a registration certificate, which form shall be approved by ministerial order of the member of Government responsible for internal administration, with the name and address of the holder of the right of residence and the date of registration.(…)”

To get a registration certificate, you need a valid identity card or passport,  proof of enrolment at an approved educational establishment, a declaration proving that  you have sufficient resources to support yourself and  proof of comprehensive health insurance.

If you are a third country national you should contact your local Portuguese Embassy/Consulate and apply for a student visa.

Recognition / Equivalence of Academic Qualifications

To obtain an equivalence to your academic qualifications in Portugal, you must contact the Ministry of Education:

  • Diplomas – National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) at the Direção Geral do Ensino Superior (Ministry of Education and Science).

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